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30 & 31 January

LotColour / SexSireDam
2Bay or Grey Colt Rock 'N' Pop Vanilla Sky
6Bay Filly Savabeel Villifye
7Brown Filly Savabeel Virginia
30Bay Filly Savabeel Ahna
40Bay Filly Savabeel Ambrosia
63Brown Colt Savabeel Bejewelled
69Brown Filly Savabeel Black Belt
78Bay Colt Savabeel But Beautiful
95Brown Colt O'Reilly Chorus
109Bay Filly Savabeel Daffodil
122Brown Colt Savabeel Dating
124Bay Filly O'Reilly Dee I Why
133Bay or Brown Colt Savabeel Disguised
147Bay Colt Ocean Park Enjoy
150Brown Filly Savabeel Etiquette
152Black Colt Savabeel Everyday
170Bay Filly Savabeel Forty Two Below
171Brown Filly Savabeel Frankly
172Bay Colt O'Reilly Frockstar
180Bay Filly Ocean Park Girls on Top
192Bay Filly Ocean Park Haberdashery
193Bay Colt Savabeel Halloween
204Bay Colt Savabeel I Do
205Brown Colt O'Reilly Iguazu's Girl
220Bay Filly O'Reilly Joy
229Brown Filly Savabeel Kansas
243Brown Colt O'Reilly Lady Chaparral
255Bay Colt Ocean Park Legs
264Brown Colt Ocean Park Lowland
273Black or Brown Filly O'Reilly Marahau
278Bay Colt Pins Maxmara
281Brown Colt O'Reilly Metropolitan
289Bay or Brown Filly Savabeel Miss Lioness
303Bay Filly Ocean Park More to Love
306Bay or Brown Filly Pins My Locket
310Bay Colt Rock 'N' Pop Not Sure
317Bay Filly Ocean Park Oh So Glam
319Brown Filly Savabeel On Broadway
329Brown Filly Savabeel Pasadena
331Bay Filly O'Reilly Pay Attention
340Brown Colt Savabeel Platinum Princess
342Bay Filly Savabeel Polish
349Bay Colt Savabeel Prickle
355Brown Colt O'Reilly Promenade
362Brown Colt O'Reilly Queen Sabeel
367Bay Filly O'Reilly Rehab
389Bay Colt O'Reilly Savodara
404Bay Filly Savabeel Shopaholic
412Bay Filly Savabeel Sitting Pretty
419Bay Colt Pins Sparkling
420Brown Colt Savabeel Spending
422Brown Colt O'Reilly Splitsecond
434Bay Colt Savabeel Striptease
454Bay or Brown Colt Savabeel Thy
457Bay Colt O'Reilly Tiptoes

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1, 2 & 3 February

LotColour / SexSireDam
468Bay Filly Ocean Park Under and Over
477Bay Colt Rock 'N' Pop Vedo Star
492Bay Filly Pins We Love
504Bay Colt Ocean Park You Too
557Bay Colt Rock 'N' Pop Be Fabulous
581Bay Filly Rock 'N' Pop Bright
619Chestnut Filly Pins Cong'er
622Bay Colt Casino Prince Contented
654Bay or Brown Filly Savabeel Disneyland
678Brown Colt O'Reilly Ethics
686Brown Filly O'Reilly Fabulist
687Bay Colt Rock 'N' Pop Fairytale
697Bay Colt O'Reilly Fireside
719Brown Colt Pins Genius
733Bay Colt O'Reilly Happily Ever After
736Bay Colt Pins Heartfelt
784Bay Colt Rock 'N' Pop Kiwi Park
787Bay Colt O'Reilly Know All
796Bay Colt O'Reilly Lady Lincoln
844Bay Colt Pins Mary Ellen
861Chestnut Filly Ocean Park Millililli
865Bay Filly Ocean Park Miss Caruso
876Bay Colt O'Reilly Miss Purrfection
888Bay Colt O'Reilly Music
897Bay Colt Ocean Park Nadel Dame
928Bay Filly Pins Paris Carver
934Bay Colt Ocean Park Peony
941Bay Filly Ocean Park Pinderella
943Bay Colt O'Reilly Pinzaara
956Bay or Brown Filly Ocean Park Propinquity
968Bay Filly Ocean Park Quizzical
969Bay Colt O'Reilly Ransom Success
972Bay Colt Pins Really Reputable
974Bay Colt Pins Red Delicious
1056Bay Colt Ocean Park Starry
1097Bay or Brown Colt O'Reilly Toss Up

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